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Robin Kempe-Bergman, also known under the pseudonym "Robinovich", has a multitude of awards that range from a Roy Gold Award, MTV Awards, a Bronze Medal in Promax International as well as several Swedish Grammy nominations for Best Video.

Robin has directed over 50 commercials and over 150 music videos which makes him one of Sweden's most prominent music video directors. He also was a core member of the electronic music and audiovisual project iamamihwoami, the brainchild of Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee and record producer Claes Björklund. Robin directed all of iamamiwhoami's videos from 2009 to 2013 with set design by Agustin Moreaux and cinematography by John Strand.


ADDRESS: Bastuhagsvägen 6, 122 42 Enskede, Sweden  |  E-MAIL: info@robinovich.com  |  CELL: +46 704 777 463

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